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AC Tune Up in West Palm Beach

We know most of you are not familiar with the term AC tune up, so in the course of this write-up, we are going to explain in details what AC tuneup is all about. AC tuneup as the name implies, is a series of checks and maintenance activities that are carried out on an AC unit, so as to restore the unit to its once functional and highly efficient state.

So basically, the essence of AC tuneup is to re energize your unit so that it can continue running smoothly and more efficiently. When you tuneup your unit regularly, not only will it remain in good shape, but will also last longer. So as much as possible, ensure that you tuneup your air conditioner on regular basis. You can even make it a yearly thing, or let’s say once every 2 years.

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AC tuneup involves a lot of checks and maintenance activities. Now let us examine some of those maintenance activities below;

Recharging Freon

Freon is what enables your air conditioner to able to convert regular air to cool or air conditioned air. It is a common refrigerant used by most AC units to generate cool air for our homes or offices.

Now because air conditioners makes use of Freon a lot when conditioning air, Freon level might drop and will need to be recharged. Now if your AC Freon level is down, it is always advisable you call in an expert to help you recharge the Freon.

Well we are happy to inform you that professional Freon recharging is also one of the many quality AC services West Palm Beach Air Conditioning provides. We can recharge the Freon of any AC brand professionally within a short time frame.

Checking For Refrigerant Leakage

Another thing that can reduce the Freon level of your air conditioner is leakage. When there is refrigerant leakage, the Freon level of your unit will drop drastically, and this will greatly hamper the smooth working and efficiency of your AC unit.

But you don’t have to worry because West Palm Beach Air Conditioning is here to give your AC professional tuneup. We will inspect your AC for all forms of leakages and proffer lasting solution to all the leakage problems of your unit.

Fuse Inspection

Your unit consists of different types of fuses which help to make it function well. If any of your AC fuses stops working, it will have a drastic effect on the unit itself. Therefore it is very important that you hire a professional to check your AC and replace all bad fuses, so that your unit can remain in its best working condition.

This is where we come into the scene; we will carefully inspect all the fuses of your AC and replace all the bad ones, so that your comfort will not be jeopardized.

Inspecting AC Fan

Your AC fan is a very important component in your cooling unit. If the fan stops working, it can as well cripple your unit totally and even make it unusable till the fan is fixed. That is why you need us to help you tuneup your AC professionally at a very affordable rate.

Other AC tune up activities includes; drain pipe inspection, duct and vent cleaning, inspecting all AC wiring’s, tightening all screws, etc.

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