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Air Conditioning Repair in West Palm Beach

Repairing your air conditioning unit is a serious business and should be approached with the best plan of attack for maintenance and upkeep. Our 29 point inspection of your air conditioning unit analyzes and addresses many possible future breakdowns while providing a reference point to begin current repairs and will provide us the blueprints we need for bundled services like service agreements. Our 29 point inspection provides all of these benefits while also:

  • Checking the copper assemblies inside your unit for proper insulation and function
  • Drainage checks to ensure even flow commensurate with your air conditioning unit
  • Wire checks- all wires are securely fastened and insulated properly to avoid contact with the elements
  • AC Condenser securing- we make sure your external unit is on a pad and tied down securely and safely

In addition, West Palm Beach Air Conditioning’s amazingly talented air conditioning repair technicians will be more than happy to recommend other services to you for the remainder of your air conditioning unit care under our supervision.

FREE duct cleaning with purchase of an air conditioning repair service agreement

Air conditioning repair doesn’t stop at a service agreement either! With so many other services, West Palm Beach Air Conditioning is committed to serving our community right with the best value, the most honest and transparent business in the country, the best and most courteous customer service and of course the stars of our show- the most talented, educated and experienced trained technicians that can be found in our South Florida region!

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