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Air Conditioning Maintenance in West Palm Beach

West Palm Beach Air Conditioning proudly presents our newest in preventative air conditioning maintenance! Service Agreements! 1-5 year increments! Service Agreements include:

  • AC TuneUp – every 6 months, a service representative will call you to set the best day for your service call. Our technician will perform a 29 point inspection on your ac unit.
  • One pound of freon every year.
  • Preferred customer status- gains you discounts on all other services we offer.
  • Duct cleaning- one per year for every year of your agreement.
  • 24/7/365 superior customer service
  • Drain line flush- every 6 months (most likely during your AC TuneUp), technicians will examine your AC unit’s drainage, checking for blockage and proper drainage.
  • We also offer service agreements to Commercial properties- not just residential!

This is what we consider regular air conditioning maintenance services for every AC unit. These services ensure proper function and efficiency for your unit while eliminating stress and worry from your already hectic schedule!

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Regular AC unit maintenance is crucial to the efficiency of your ac unit. If you see a steady rise in your power bills each cycle, that could mean there is something seriously wrong with your ac unit. While deciding if you need a maintenance agreement for your home or not, please consider the following. When was the last time your AC unit was serviced? Why not set yourself up with a regular service schedule so you wouldn’t be looking at our site right now and simply receive a phone call asking when the best time to service your unit will be? After all, we are moving more towards a society of automation opposed to compulsory action. Why not relax with peace of mind knowing our experts are keeping a close eye on your air to ensure quality, comfort and health?

Other services in our 29 point inspection include:

  • Proper placement of your unit on a “pad” and secured tightly even during hurricane force winds
  • Wire checks for every wire in your unit
  • Copper wire insulation checks
  • Compressor efficiency checks and thermostat function.
  • We will even check on your circuit breaker just to be on the safe side that your AC unit is running clean, supplied well with energy and using the most out of the energy being fed to it without wasting any of it.

West Palm Beach Air Conditioning has your air conditioning maintenance in Boca Raton covered for any situation, make or model!

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